Ceramic Arts
Studio pottery is the first art I practiced and continues to be one of many options I choose to make art.  Years of skill building and my aesthetic goes into everything I make. Every piece is hand made, receives undivided attention and is one of a kind.

I don't seek high output or standardization with my pottery.  Studio pottery should reveal something about its maker.  The china sold in stores is mass produced, widely distributed (common) and impersonal and should not be compared to the pottery made by a studio potter. Those who do not understand this will not appreciate the focus or challenges of the ceramic artist.
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Art from 1990-2006
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The ceramics featured on this page are from various times and are not displayed in chronological order. Studio pottery (functional) and sculptural ceramics show up next to each other as I have worked in both ways over the years. I've worked with a variety of clays and glazes (earthenware, stoneware and porcelain) and fired electric, gas and wood kilns. This selection of ceramic images is only a glance at my past work. 
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Zeorlin: During artist residency at Eastern Michigan University, Yipsilanti, MI.