Bits and Blurs
I convert some of my poetry into offbeat videos. But not every video I make is from a written poem. Some videos are of my buzzing and hacking efforts to make music. Sure, I write a few songs and post them on YouTube. Why not? I have nothing to prove and no visions of grandeur. Making music is just a simple pleasure! You will see that all my videos are unpolished. I do not want to spend the time or money (on software) to buff my videos out. They are what they are and it's hard to explain pleasure I get in making them. I'd say many who start watching them don't make it through the few seconds or minutes required. Probably a good decision to just move on to other distractions.

Most characters in my videos are odd. But, I'm just another average guy you'll see at the grocery store buying milk, cereal and beer.  I'm never sure what the bit-players will do in these videos. Some of the videos have no characters at all. Some make almost no sense at all. They are experiments.

A few videos are slow paced and you may have to struggle to make it to the end....Or, just turn it off.

Comments or questions about videos welcomed.
Video (Visual) Poetry
Arrivals + Departures video poem
Red Face poem
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Red Face Passing Through Poem
Average Day poem
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Arrivals + Departures video poem