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My sculptures are combinations of various materials and techniques.  Some are inspired by Moribana which is a style of Ikebana.  Other objects influencing my sculpture includes walking sticks, tribal staffs, gates, communication towers and sign posts. Sculptures in the Stick Figure Series make connections to abstract painting and and primitive folk toys.  Some sculptures in the Passageways Series are also called "transmedia" sculpture.  The Daily Hike incorporates QR codes which link video, poetry and photography from my website to the sculpture.
Moribana 1 Spring. 2012. Mixed media, wood, wireView 2: Moribana 1 SpringMoribana 2 Pink Stake. 2012. SculptureView 2: Moribana 2 Pink StakeMoribana 3 Noxious. 2012. SculptureView 2: Moribana 3 NoxiousMoribana 4 Small Plot. 2012. SculptureView 2: Moribana 4 Small PlotMoribana 6 Weed Patch. 2012. Wood, wire, plastic & mixed mediaView 2: Moribana 6 Weed PatchMoribana 7 Carefully. 2012. Mixed media, wood, rat trap and plasticView 2: Moribana 7 Carefully (detail)
Moribana Series
Poems to read
Portraits, Still Life, Nature
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Recent Work
Passageway Series
"The Daily Hike" 2013
Transmedia sculpture.
7' x 2' x 4'.
Wood, paint, soil, lint, insects, wasp nests, photographs, QR Codes, misc. materials."The Daily Hike" (View 2)"The Daily Hike" (View 3)"The Daily Hike" (Detail 1)
Metal tins, photographs,
QR codes"The Daily Hike" (Detail 2)
Metal tins, soil, egg shell,
wasps, seed pods, lint
"The Daily Hike" 2013.  Transmedia sculpture. 7' x 2.5' x 4'.
Wood, paint, found objects, photography, video, QR codes, soil, insects, seeds, lint and misc.y, p

watch a video of The Sticky Philosopher (an odd imaginary character) commenting on the sculpture when it was part of a group exhibition.
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"Transition" 2014. Mixed media sculpture. Wood, paint & found objects. 6'5" tall.
"Transition" 2014. Mixed media sculpture.  Wood, paint and found objects. 6'5" tall.
Watch 30 second video about this sculpture.
Stick Figure Series
Nest Walker # 3. Stick figure. 2017