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I make ideas into things you see, touch, hear or read. I've used metal, paper, wood, paint, soil, canvas, photography, clay, video, digital software, poetry, music, found objects and more to accomplish this. I make both "fine" and "lowbrow" art as it all feeds my curiosity. It's never too late to start something new.
The things which influence my art change over time, just as I do. Writing poetry, listening to music, trail running and people watching are at the top of the list. I've had a studio practice for 3 decades now. I chase deadlines, seek opportunities and sell my art. Throughout this effort I've sought to be aware of the chaos, order, mystery and logic which becomes a day, week, month and eventually, a lifetime. 

I'm currently making stick figure sculptures. These are purposely simplified models of the human form conveying common day-today things. Much of life is unremarkable on the surface as we scurry about like my stick figures. But within this village there are magical things happening. It's always a matter of making time to notice.

Once upon a time...I liked to imagine art as having some kind of soul and life of it's own. It took years to realize art is an inanimate 2-D or 3-D thing. What's important is how making art engages me to my surroundings.  Art can have this influence on non-artists as well. My challenge is to stay curious and avoid making assumptions.  This will enable my artwork to continue evolving.

I could conclude with a few lines of "art-speak" but what's the point? If you respond to what you find on this website then come back as things are always changing.
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Portrait by Andi Smith