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I'm an artist...I make ideas. I've used metal, paper, wood, paint, soil, canvas, photography, clay, video, digital software, poetry, found objects and more to make my ideas. I experiment frequently and know nearly any material can be transformed to become visually and intellectually engaging. My ideas for artwork span from "fine" to "lowbrow" as it all keeps my studio practice and my curiosity engaged.
The things which influence my art change over time, just as I do. But writing poetry, listening to music, trail running and people watching are at the top of the list. I've had a studio practice for 3 decades now. I chased deadlines, sought opportunities and sold my art. Throughout this time I've sought to be aware of the chaos, order, mystery and logic which becomes a day, week, month and more. This is documented in the various ways I make ideas into something to view, read, hear and sometimes, eat. (A homemade pizza or loaf of bread can be a form of art). 

Once upon a time...I imagined art having a soul and a life of it's own. It took me years to realize art is an inanimate 2-D or 3-D thing. Art is lifeless, regardless of what form it takes.  What is important is how the making of art lets me feel alive and engaged with my surroundings.  Art can have this impact on non-artists as well.  Art can enrich life, but it's not essential like food, water, shelter and supportive human relationships. 

My challenge is to keep a curious mind that will enable my artwork to continue evolving.  Lately I've been attempting to mash my poetry with simple guitar chords. Eventually I'll post a few songs on this site in the video/music section. I've got no visions of grandeur...only the pleasure of learning new things.

I could conclude with a few lines of esoteric "art-speak" but what's the point? If you respond to what you find on this website then come back as things always change.
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