Artist Statement
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Portrait by Andi Smith
The purpose of this website is to share my studio practice with others. I'm not racing to produce, show or sell as much art as I can. I've got nothing to prove and many questions to ask. The explorations show up on this website (or on my YouTube, Facebook or Instagram accounts) in various forms of art.

My art has changed over the past 3 decades.  I can't imagine spending 30 years doing a limited range of things in my studio. I've changed physically, mentally and spiritually over my career so it's impossible for my artwork not to evolve. Those who browse this website will see much experimentation. Some ideas are more resolved than others. Some artwork sold for good sums while other pieces were given away. Some pieces were recycled and occasionally, a piece is consumed by a campfire near my studio.

I've used metal, paper, wood, paint, soil, canvas, photography, clay, video, digital software, poetry, music, found objects and more to make my ideas. I make both fine and lowbrow art as it all feeds my curiosity. I don't strive for a look and have no signature style that says "Zeorlin." This approach hasn't gained me fortune or fame...but has created an enriched life for me, my family, some friends and even people I've never met.

There are periods when my creative work doesn't result in something displayed on a pedestal or wall. 
Sometimes I write poetry and the poetry leads to songs. If you listen to my offbeat blues-folk songs it's obvious I'm not a musician. I squeeze my poems in between simple guitar chords and sing them. I don't worry about it too much. I post some songs on YouTube and some poetry, photography and other ideas on Instagram or Facebook.

Your comments and questions are welcomed.
I'm an idea maker.
Some ideas work, some don't.
So what?
There isn't a reason to stop.
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