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Portraits, Still Life, Nature
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Gregory Zeorlin
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WELCOME...This website helps you learn about my art practice. I've kept a studio going for over 30 years. I work with mixed media painting and sculpture, functional and sculptural ceramics, poetry, photography, video, music, graphic art and product design. My art continues to evolve.
Zeorlin Ceramics
Design Project
My recent studio work involved making stick figure sculptures. A collection of these pieces can be viewed in the sculpture section on the recent work webpage.

Maintaining this website isn't my top priority. You will find errors on this site and the page layout might not look right in all screen viewing formats..(There are only so many hours in a day)...But I hope to take some web design related classes soon and use the knowledge in many creative ways on this site and in my future artwork.

I also post poems, photographs, songs and other projects on Instagram or YouTube.
Highlife. Stick figure. 2017
Wood, mixed media and found objects.
38.5" x 10" x 8"